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Akash Deshpande


Bombay 70 se Gully Boy

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For a director with such a vision, the film felt unsatisfying for some reasons. Mainly for its writing which doesn’t have the rage enough to fulfill the lyrics.
Can you ever forgive me

Can you ever forgive me?

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It does seem obvious or predictable of the plot where she tries to redeem herself by confronting to her wrongdoings. Perhaps that was too simple. It hardly had anything surprising that subverts itself in the next moment. But the simple structure is what helped the performances to shine even more.
Eight Grade

Eighth Grade

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Eighth Grade. A film that I disregarded as just another teen drama. I hated the tendency of teenagers, getting sufficed by the technology and not treating others with the love that they seek. Alas, I realised how difficult it can get at times, despite having been bad to others.

Film Review: Roma

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This film is definitely about the world inhabited by the female characters around others. But it’s more than just one thing. It is Cuaron's most personal film.

Speak, for your lips are free

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Unlike some other day, I had this incredible amount of pride of being myself. I was walking a bit faster just because of that. I wasn’t completely unaware of what I was doing, like usual. I was more conscious of my own persona, in a good way.
the wild pear tree

IFFI Goa roundup

Entering its 49th year, IFFI, the International Film Festival of India, 2018 edition, took place in the pristine lands of Goa from the 20th to 28th November. But, there was hardly anything satisfying about this festival in almost every way imaginable.

Must watch films from the film fest

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I was able to catch 27 films from the festival. Here are those which caught my attention and lingered in me for quite a while afterwards. These are just the quick afterthoughts and not the complete reviews.

I need a break

Although I do consider being happy in the situation one is, the peace of mind just doesn’t work like that. Being comfortable in one’s own skin is getting more and more difficult, not just for me, but for many I have come across.