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A 'Masterstroke' in book review writing!

Credit : Shubham Patil

Shubham Patil


If you are what the evil anti-national people of Facebook and Twitter refer to as an ‘Andhbhakt’, and are in search of a breezy informative read on the works of the only Prime Minister India has had in its history, we have found the perfect weekday read for you! The book, written by 'Berozgar Bhakt' and titled 'Masterstroke' (not to be confused with the F1 racing show Masterchef. PLEASE don't search for Mastercard on Play store), is a study of the exhaustive amount of work taken under the leadership of PM Modi to alleviate unemployment in the country. Available for only Rs. 56 and spanning no more than 56 pages as a subtle tribute to our PM’s chest size, it has been crafted keeping its readers in mind. With its short structure and easily palatable language, you would find absolutely no difficulties reading this book, unlike the fiendishly difficult and arduous English of Shashi Tharoor which leaves you utterly exasperated.



The intention of the book, fully titled ‘MASTERSTROKE: 420 secrets that helped PM in India's employment growth!’, is to bring light to the countless measures taken by PM Modiji ever since he took up the throne of India in 2014 and isn't giving it up ever since. Its first edition has been sold off within a day, despite being an ebook. But the opposition will say Amazon took it down and shall produce fake screenshots like these:



Anyway, back to the contents of the book: The book summarises in 420 easy points, how the Central Government under Modiji's leadership has worked to ensure employment and fair wages to citizens with powerful and effective labour laws. Wait, it doesn't. It's all blank pages, all fifty-six of them. But that's the beauty of this book. It has been written(!) to make the reader take charge of the content and use their introspective imagination to the fullest. At the end of this unique reading experience, you will be left with 420 reasons why half of your on-screen time is taken up by the LinkedIn app. Or why the labour laws in the country do not need protection at all. The book will also shed light on the truth behind some important metrics such as GDP, income per capita, unemployment rates which are a creation of Western media. In short, the book is a fundamental read for anyone seeking a job or a life.

While reviewing this remarkable book, Indie Journal had an exclusive opportunity to interact with its author, whose name has to be kept secret to safeguard against anti-national elements.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of this book?

A: I was going to test how Kindle publishing works. So, I thought if I am going to put in some effort, then I better get some laughs out of it. The idea was just a product of an empty mind of an unemployed person.


Q: What are your actual thoughts about PM Modi's work?

A: No comments. Sab changa si, I guess.


Q: Are you funded by the opposition, Congress, Al-Qaeda or China?

A: Nahi bhai, Berozgar hun dalal nahi.


While these answers hint towards the whole book being a prank, putting us enthu readers in grave disappointment, we would argue that the book must still be separated from its author. We are anyway used to believing in fiction as the absolute truth.