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News Dabba 31 May: 5 stories across the web for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Shubham Patil

Anushka Vani brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Petrol pumps on a protest of ‘No Purchase Day’, Taiwan Air Force scrambling after 30 Chinese Jets enter its ADIZ, SC to plan an exclusive live-stream platform for courts, Israel-UAE to sign Free Trade Agreement, to Japan to approving abortion pills.


The News Minute reports on ‘No Purchase Day’ in 24 Indian states

Close to around 70,000 petrol pump outlets in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh among others are protesting, reports the News Minute. These dealers have decided not to purchase diesel and petrol from oil companies on Tuesday, May 31. The protest is to demand an increase in their dealer’s commission which has not been revised for a long time. In addition to this, the report also adds that the association claimed that there was an agreement between Oil Marketing Companies (OMSs) and the dealers that the margin would be revised every six months, but it has not been done since 2017. Read the full report on The News Minute.


Free Press Journal on Taiwan Air Force scrambling after 30 Chinese jets enter Air Defense Identification Zone

The Free Press in today’s news report reported that a flight map provided by the Taiwanese defense ministry showed that Chinese planes entered the South-Western corner of Taiwan's ADIZ (Air Defense Zone). This is considered to be the largest attack by the Chinese fighter planes since January this year, says the report. According to the report, this attack happened days after US President Joe Biden warned China against invading Taiwan and also on the same day as a US official visited the island to discuss security with leaders. Read the full report on Free Press Journal.


The Print reports SC panel planning an exclusive platform to live-stream courts

After six High Courts (HCs) in the country from Gujarat, Odisha, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Patna and Madhya Pradesh launched their own YouTube channel, the Supreme Court e-committee has expressed a need for a streaming platform, reports The Print. The SC’s committee is now working on a proposal to launch their exclusive platforms to live-stream court proceedings. According to the report, the proceedings live-streamed by the HCs are streamed on the basis of the regulations provided by the SC. Read the full report on the Print.


Israel, UAE sign free trade deal, Israel's first with an Arab country, The New Indian Express

Today’s New Indian Express report reports that Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a free trade agreement on Tuesday, May 31. This is the first of its kind deal that Israel has concluded with an Arab country. Mohmmad Al Khaja, the UAE ambassador to Israel, called it “an unprecedented achievement.” According to the report, Dorian Barak, President of the UAE-Israel Business Council, has predicted that the bilateral trade would exceed $2 billion this year, rising to $5 billion in the next five years. Read the full report on the New Indian Express.


The Guardian on Japan approving the use of abortion pill with partner's consent

The Guardian in this report talks about Japan approving the use of abortion pills. However, the women in Japan could be forced to seek their partner's consent before being prescribed the pill. This approval will reportedly be approved late this year. The report has mentioned that under Japan’s 1948 Maternal protection Law, consent is already required for surgical abortion that is within very few exceptions, a policy that campaigners say tramples over women’s reproductive rights. Read the full report on the Guardian.