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News Dabba 05 July: 5 stories across the web for a balanced news diet

Here are the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites.

Credit : Shubham Patil

Anushka Vani brings you the daily updates that the internet is talking about through various news websites. Here's a glance through some of the National and International news updates, from Twitter's conflict with the Indian Government, a mass shooting at Highland park in the US, Elgar Parishad accused activists protesting in remembrance of Father Stand Swamy, Gapjil workplace harassment returning in South Korea, to 20 percent of the first batch Agniveers to be women. 


A report by NDTV on Twitter’s conflict with the Indian Government

NDTV reported that Twitter is seeking to overturn some of the orders by the Indian government to take down content on social media platforms. According to the report, Twitter has been asked by the Indian authorities over the past year to act on the content including the accounts supportive of an independent Sikh state, followed by the posts which allegedly spread misinformation about the farmers' protest and the tweets that are critical of the government's handling the Covid-19 pandemic. The report also says that the Indian IT ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Twitter’s legal move on Tuesday. Read the full report on NDTV.


Elgar Parishad activists observe protest fast in prison, The Wire


The Wire reports today that 11 activists, accused and jailed in the Elgar Parishad case, observed a day-long fast today, on the death anniversary of Father Stan Swamy. Swamy, an 84-year-old Jharkhand-based tribal right activists died in judicial custody last year on July 5, 2021 in Mumbai. He was the 16th and last person to be arrested in the highly controversial Elgar Parishad case. Sudhir Dhawale, activist and an editor of the Vidrohi magazine, has written a letter to his lawyers explaining the grounds of this protest. He has mentioned that “a year ago, this day, the state had Father Stan Swamy killed… the situation continues to be the same in jail.” Read the full report on The Wire.


Al Jazeera talks about the US Independence Day parade that witnessed a mass shooting event

Six people were killed, 36 were wounded and several died at the scene as a gunman open fire on a crowd that had gathered for an Independence Day parade outside Chicago, reports Al Jazeera. The gunman used a high-powered rifle and fired dozens of rounds from a commercial building. As per the report, it is said that he was very difficult to spot. The shooter targeted randomly, according to the Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Christopher Covelli. Read the full report on Al Jazeera.


20 percent of the Agniveers in the first batch of recruits will be women, The Print

The Print reports that about 10,000 women have already registered for the online application process for the recruitment of the Indian Navy sailors. This is for the first time that the Navy is inducting women as sailors who would also be deployed on warships. This mean that 20 percent of the first batch of recruits in the Indian Navy under the Agnipath scheme will be women. In addition to this, the report also states that the Navy will finalise women candidates among the 3,000 naval Agniveer that it will induct in 2022. Read the full report on The Print.


The ‘Gapjil’ workplace harassment returns as employees come back to office, CNN reports


As employees have started returning to offices in South Korea, so does the ‘Gapjil’ workplace harassment, CNN reports. Gapjil translates to an arrogant attitude towards the employees from a position in power. The report says that nearly 30 percent of the Korean office workers have experienced some form of workplace harassment in the past year. This figure is based on a survey study conducted in June of 1,000 respondents nationwide. This figure has gone up from 23.5 percent in March. Read the full report on CNN.