Satish Gore

From people's electoral hero to India’s own Nero

The 30th of May 2020 marked the first year of Modi Government’s second term whereas the corona positive cases, so far, mark 173,491 with 4,980 people losing their precious lives. In an open, conveniently crafted, letter to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amid the inevitable times of Covid-19, very-very selectively reviewed his government's first anniversary of the second term.
Twice it happened

Book Review: Twice it happened

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The novel truly suggests that the women do have many stories to tell but they [had to], out of no choice, hide them or rather bury them deep in the hearts. Never to narrate, but further, she writes, "In a way, we're all Kunti's daughters! We struggle to live with secrets and one fine day we just have to blurt them out."

In Remembrance of Girish Karnad

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The final exit or adieu he made is surely not an end of his legacy, but truly none can fill the vacuum that has unfortunately been created after his death.
Aniket Jaaware

Adieu Professor, Adieu!

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Professor Aniket Jaaware, simplicity and generous at heart and fondly known as ‘Aniket Sir’ or sometimes only ‘Aniket,’ in the department of English, SPPU, passed away in Delhi on November 30, 2018, at the age of 58 years.